The Fly Trap Bag is the Easiest to Use

Step 1: Unpackage Product

Remove the red turret and unfold the fly trap bag.

Add the Special Flies Be Gone Formula FC2™ Fly Food to the Fly Trap Bag

Step 2: Add Formula FC2™

Open the Formula FC2™ bag and pour the powered Formula FC2™ into the plastic bag.

Add Water to Your Flies Be Gone Fly Trap Bag

Step 3: Add Water

Add one quart of water. If you live in a high evaporation area, (for example New Mexico) add closer to 2 quarts. Add a pinch of your own local damp soil.

Cap Your Flies Be Gone Fly Trap Bag

Step 4: Replace Turret

Replace the red turret.

Hang Your Flies Be Gone Fly Trap Bag and Start Eliminating Flies

Step 5: hang the trap

Hang it outdoors in sunlight and good ventilation about 30 ft. from the area you want to protect and about 5 ft off the ground.

Step 6: disposal

When the trap is full or no longer effective, place the trap into an old plastic shopping bag and then into the garbage. Flies may carry disease. Keep away from adults, children, and animals.