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Flies Be Gone – “THE MONSTER”

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Catch Flies by the Liter with Our Reusable Monster Fly Trap!

Each pack comes complete with reusable Monster yellow screw on tops, KM 34 bait, and 18 inch reinforced suspension straps to hang up the traps from a tree, wall, fence, etc. All you need to add is an empty two liter soda bottle and 3 inches of warm water.

This model combines the advantages of both a disposable and a reusable fly trap. On other reusable traps, you have to clean out the messy container in order to reuse it. But with the Monster Flies be Gone trap, you entirely replace the two liter soda bottle container, which was going to be throw out anyway. Free green recycling at its best.

If you need to protect a smaller area, for example one restaurant but not necessarily a whole shopping mall, this is the trap for you. This model allows you to continuously reuse the yellow screw on top ( the Monster ).

The suspension strap and the Monster yellow top remain in place. Only the soda bottle and the KM34 bait need to be replaced.

Effective, time saving, and very economical.

Shipping for Our Reusable Monster Fly Trap

How to use the new, reusable Flies Be Gone Monster Fly Trap

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3 reviews for Flies Be Gone – “THE MONSTER”

  1. Rated 3 out of 5


    We had a very cool spring, once we got warmer weather and the bait got to stew, it started collecting flies. Only problem is it would have probably b full by now if they just cant walk up the bottle and walk/fly out (actually can watch this happen, alot). Am thinking of making a paper cone that sticks out into the bottle so when they walk/fly up to the top they are trapped. I see in older pictures there used to be a cone. other than that it works great

  2. Rated 5 out of 5



  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have a 20 acre horse farm, & a cattle farm next to my horse farm. Flies are a huge problem for me each Spring & Summer & when you have a herd of horses, trying to fly spray them is tedious and not very effective. So I tried Flies be Gone Original in the biggest paddock over 3 acres and some of the Monster screw tops into clear 2 liter bottles in the other paddocks. to my surprise on around the 3rd day the flies were quite a bit less & by the end of that week I had virtually no fly issues with my horses or dog kennels. Especially with the cattle farm the tiny lil black biting flies were out of control however now we have the fly situation under control for the first time ever. Anyone with dog kennels, livestock, or just a couple of back yard horses would love this product. Just hang it out and you are done for a month. This stuff really stinks that you mix, it smells like the Garbage dump x’s 10 but the flies are drawn to it, so I guess thats the point.

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