Interesting Fly Facts

From the most interesting fly facts to the funniest fly humor, we’ve got a collection of fly information we’re sure you’re going to love. So, whether you’re dying to know how long your invasive visitor will live, how many eggs they lay, or what funny jokes you can share about them, we’ve got you covered!

Fly Humor and Jokes

How do fireflies start a race?
Ready, set, glow!

What is the difference between a fly and a bird?
A bird can fly but a fly can’t bird!

Why were the flies playing soccer in saucer?
They where playing for the cup!

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What is the Lifespan of a Fly?

We’re sure the intruders in your home have you asking, “What is the lifespan of the common housefly?” They’re invasive, they eat your food, and they carry diseases, and worst of all, they refuse to leave!

As interesting fly facts go, Musca Domestica, the humble housefly, and the most common insect you’ll face, has a significant lifespan. But don’t worry! We’ve got the fly eradicating answer for you!

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What is the Life Cycle of a Fly?

The life cycle of a fly is a rather uncomplicated, four-stage process : the egg, the larva, the pupa, and the final adult form. But, each stage carries its own unique characteristics, interesting fly facts, and trials.

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The “Flying” Pirates of the Caribbean

A world famous, international famous 5 star Caribbean resort was faced with a major problem. Flying Pirates.

Caribbean hospitality is among the best in the world. The sunshine encourages a great outdoor dining experience – enjoyable for the guests and of course a wonderful advertisement for the resort.

The noted resort invested a heavy financial stake in designing and building a very large outdoor dining terrace – perfect for use from early morning until late evening. It was the signature centerpiece of the resort.

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