Flies Be Gone traps prove to be highly effective in reducing fly infestations.

Toms River, NJ – Flies are dangerous. In addition to being carriers of filth, flies may aid in the transmission of many harmful human diseases.

Unfortunately, pesticides used to control fly populations can often be more dangerous than the insects themselves. Critics of pesticides have pointed out that many pesticides may be harmful to humans, especially if used improperly. Pesticides have been linked to medical problems such as headaches, nervous system disorders, anaphylactic shock, and even miscarriages.

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in finding better and safer methods of pest control — including “bug zappers” and horticultural solutions. A prime example of a superior solution is Flies Be Gone, an outdoor fly trap designed to reduce fly populations especially in areas like farms, homes, restaurant’s, and resorts. Flies Be Gone may be more effective than pesticides in controlling fly populations in these areas, without the dangers that pesticides can pose, and at only a fraction of the cost.

Once flies have entered a building, half of the battle is already lost. The time to stop them is while they are still outside. Flies Be Gone is an effective perimeter defense, before the flies overwhelm the indoor areas. Using the exclusive Formula FC2™, Flies be Gone is perfect for high-infestation areas. Mosche Doman, of Flies Be Gone, says, “Flies Be Gone is truly a farmer’s friend. The traps are perfect for feed lots, poultry farms, dairy farms, stables, kennels, outside your home, restaurants, dumpsters, and any outdoors area where flies are a problem.”

They are just as effective even for flies that have become pesticide resistant.

Since Flies be Gone do not use a killing agent, these traps are well suited for use around humans and animals. They are completely self-sufficient, requiring no power source, and are disposable. Flies Be Gone has been a successful fly control method since 1981, and has been used in 27 countries worldwide.

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