Decrease your fly problems with Flies Be Gone nontoxic fly traps — even pesticide resistant flies!

The Flies Be Gone Nontoxic Fly Traps Capture Hordes of Flies

Flies Be Gone Fly Traps were mindfully created to solve one of the most concerning issues in the commercial business world : fly hordes! Flies Be Gone nontoxic fly traps were crafted with quality components, pesticide-free fly food, and preventative research, to effectively capture, quickly eliminate, and consistently decrease hordes of flies.

Proven and Effective Fly Trap Result

First and foremost, proven results and economy are behind the success of Flies Be Gone pesticide-free, nontoxic fly traps. Flies Be Gone fly traps, used in the professional pest control industry, are a farmer’s true friend and are excellent for controlling fly hordes on poultry farms, dairy farms, stables, livestock ranches, feed lots, and kennels. But, it’s effectiveness doesn’t stop there! The trap also draws flies away from restaurant dumpsters or anywhere that flies are a problem. When used outdoors, Flies be Gone fly traps provide strategically effective perimeter fly defense over large areas.

How it Works:

Flies be Gone uses Formula FC2™, a real, hand-made fly food. And that’s why it works! Because flies simply love it.
Furthermore, flies enter Flies Be Gone fly traps through a strategic trap door. Inside, they enjoy their free lunch, but they’ll never be able to leave. It’s that simple!

Maintenance free and completely disposable fly traps. Nothing to clean up!

Only the size of a football, each fly trap catches thousands of flies. It’s easy to use design makes it absolutely hassle free. It’s completely disposable and requires no maintenance. And, though it’s in high demand by pest control professionals, anyone can use it right at home!

So, Whether you’re a die-hard gardener, a BBQ master, a commercial business, a restaurant, or one of the endless possibilities, Flies Be Gone Fly Traps are as effective as they are easy!